Desert rose: a beautiful and easy to grow plant

Desert rose: a beautiful and easy to grow plant

The desert rose is a plant whose unique beauty has won over many admirers and awakened the desire to have it at home. If you are one of those passionate about this exotic flower, this article will teach you how to care for it with the best gardening tools and also provide you with more information about the plant.

desert Rose

The desert rose is an exotic flower that has gained prominence for its unique beauty, being desired by many people who want to cultivate it in their gardens. In this article, you'll learn the best desert rose care techniques, using quality gardening tools, and you'll also learn more about the plant itself.

Where does the desert rose come from?

Have you ever heard of the desert rose? This plant is native to South Africa and belongs to the Apocynaceae family, and can reach up to 4 meters in height and 1.5 meters in width in its natural environment. Due to its origin in very hot regions, this flower easily adapts to tropical countries.

The desert rose has a thicker stem at the base, which gives it structure to withstand strong winds and reserve water in desert areas. Its shape, reminiscent of a small tree with visible roots, makes it a great option for vertical gardens, in addition to being very beautiful.

What is its symbolic representation

When cultivated, the desert rose can symbolize many qualities, such as kindness, love, mental clarity, attentiveness, tolerance and success in business.

There are several types of desert rose available in the market. The flowers can be found in a variety of colors, including shades of white, pink, lilac, red and burgundy, as well as the exotic black desert rose. There are also artificial flower options available.

now see how to be taking the seedling

Learning how to make desert rose seedlings at home can be easier than you think. By following a few simple steps, you can get strong, healthy seedlings.

The first step is to take twigs from the desert rose pruning and apply powdered cinnamon to heal the cut part. Reserve the branch for about 2 to 3 days.

After this period, remove all the leaves from the branch and cut its apical bud. This stage is important for the plant to direct its energy towards the production of roots.

Then place the branch in a container with liquid rooting agent and leave for 5 minutes. Afterwards, sprinkle cinnamon powder on the cut parts to help with healing.

Separate a vase with holes in the bottom, place the specific substrate for the desert rose and sink the branches 4 to 5 centimeters into the substrate.

Place the vase in a semi-shaded environment, where the sun is only present in the morning. Water moderately without soaking.

Within 30 to 60 days, the cutting will already show signs of rooting and the desert rose seedling will begin to develop.

Now taking care of the desert rose

Do you have Desert Rose seeds, but don't know how to properly care for this plant? Check out our tips below on how to care for the Desert Rose so that your garden is even more enchanting with these beautiful flowers.

Planting preparation

Although Desert Rose needs a lot of water to grow healthy, it is crucial to prevent the soil from becoming excessively waterlogged. Therefore, when planting your Desert Rose seeds, it is advisable to choose pots that guarantee efficient water drainage.

To ensure that the roots of the Desert Rose seeds remain inside the vase, it is recommended to line the bottom with stones and TNT before planting them. Due to its natural habitat in semi-arid regions and hot climates, the ideal substrate for planting Desert Rose should be a mixture of earth, coarse sand and earthworm humus.

Lighting: As mentioned earlier, Desert Roses are plants native to regions with a hot climate and low humidity. Therefore, when planting Desert Rose seeds, it is essential to choose a place where the plant can receive plenty of sunlight and the minimum temperature is not lower than 13°C. One suggestion would be to place it next to a window, like next to the sofa, on a coffee table, sideboard or even a rack.

Taking care of Desert Rose seeds can be a challenging task, but with the right tips it is possible to successfully grow this exotic plant in your garden. Remember to choose a suitable substrate, a vase with good drainage, and a sunny and warm place for the plant. With these simple precautions, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these amazing flowers in your green space.



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